Lifetime Achievement for Worcester Kodály Tutor

We’re so thrilled to say “Congratulations” to Worcester Kodály tutor David Vinden, who last night was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award in the Rhinegold Music Teacher Awards for Excellence.

In his acceptance speech David said “If I could bring about one thing in education it would be the belief that all children should have music and that it should start as early as possible through singing.”

We quite agree David, and thank you for all your support in Worcester.

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In a very exciting move for the Kodály community, on Tuesday 28th November the BBC’s The One Show featured one of our colleagues, and the great success he has had teaching music in a school in Bradford. More…

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Research has shown that quality music education, especially through singing, can improve children’s confidence and self esteem. It also helps them stay calmer and more focused in the classroom.

Worcester Kodály’s Every Child Campaign is raising money to deliver local teacher training in the Kodály Approach to Music Education. To empower teachers to help our children reap the social and academic benefits of effective music education through singing.