Training Days and Classes

Beginners’ Kodály Musicianship Class
Lyppard Hub, Worcester
Monday 10th September to Monday 22nd October 2018
6:30pm to 7:30pm (immediately followed by Express Yourself Choir)
Cost for the 7 lesson block is £56 (plus discounts for Express Yourself Choir members)

Brand new musicianship class teaching singing and musicianship using the Kodály Approach. Lighthearted and fun, nurturing and encouraging.

The aim of this class is, as always, to enjoy making music together. But the side effects will be improved aural and singing skills, musical literacy and a deeper understanding of music.

The class is aimed at adult beginners but it would also be appropriate for high schoolers too. Ideal for instrumentalists looking to improve their aural skills plus if you teach music in schools then you will find the skills we develop invaluable and gain a greater understanding of the building blocks of music.

Helen will be using the highest quality, most beautiful folk songs from the UK and beyond and has been trawling her repertoire to find songs you will absolutely love!

On the back of the hugely successful KS1 training day in October we are now organising free training for KS2 teachers. With further KS1 and possibly KS3 days in the pipeline.

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Tuesday 10th October 2017
09:00 – 15:30
Lyppard Grange Primary School, Worcester WR4 0DZ

The renowned music education expert and Kodály specialist David Vinden will be running a training day focusing on Early Years and Key Stage One. The day will be beneficial for general class teachers and support staff, music specialists, instrumental and vocal teachers and nursery staff. No prior knowledge of music is required.

As a result of the fundraising by Worcester Kodály and the British Kodály Academy this training will be free of charge .

To attend please contact Helen Russell on or telephone 07825 337675. There are plans for subsequent sessions for KS2 and KS3 later in the year so if you feel those are more appropriate please get in touch and we can contact you when they have been arranged.

Helen is also happy to provide teachers and headteachers with a telephone or face to face chat about the training and the musical, educational and mental health benefits of this music educational approach.

Research has shown that quality music education, especially through singing, can improve children’s confidence and self esteem. It also helps them stay calmer and more focused in the classroom. It helps with literacy, numeracy and critical thinking and of course music in itself is worth it!

Sadly so many teachers tell us they wish they could sing or that they can’t “do” music. They lack the confidence or knowledge to teach music effectively. As we know, budgets are so tight in schools at the moment that head teachers are unable to provide the training opportunities they desire for their teachers.

Worcester Kodály, in partnership with the British Kodály Academy and local schools, has pledged to raise money to provide this teacher training. Imagine a city where the teachers teach confident and effective music lessons. Imagine the effect on the children of our city. On their self esteem, their physical and mental health, their future inner musicians.